Ep 30 || Dave Davison from Maps & Atlases & Anna Burch

June 21, 2018

Double Header with Dave Davison from Maps & Atlases and Anna Burch. It’s been about 6 years since Maps & Atlases released their last album, we discuss their new their new EP “Lightlessness is Nothing New” on Barsuk Records.  For the second half I talk with Anna Burch about her debut album “Quit the Curse” on Polyvinyl Records.  We talk about music videos and so much more.  Check it out! 

Ep 29 || Howard Mordoh

February 20, 2018

Howard Mordoh is known as the LA Rocker or The Dancing Man.  If you are in Los Angeles, you probably have seen him at a show or two dancing it up.  Howard is a LA legend when it comes to concerts.  We talk about Coachella, Desert Trip, LCD Soundsystem to Bruce Springsteen and Howard reminisces about Los Angeles back in the day.  Howard’s story is an adventure and if you are an avid concert goer this episode is for you.

Ep 28 || Ryan Kattner & Nick Thorburn from Mister Heavenly

February 8, 2018

Mister Heavenly consists of Ryan Kattner, Nick Thorburn & Joe Plummer. Kattner & Thorburn discuss Mister Heavenly’s album called “Boxing The Moonlight” on Polyvinyl Records.  They also share about their music & songwriting beginnings, Directing & Music Supervision.  Both have worked in various other projects, Kattner is also known for Man Man & Honus Honus & Thorburn is known for Islands & The Unicorns

Ep 27 || Pete Anderson

January 17, 2018

Pete Anderson is an agent at the Agency for the Performing Arts (APA) and books different artists, unique music festivals and events including Desert Daze, Burger Records and Dance Yourself Clean.  Pete shares his story, discusses what it takes to become an agent, and different tips for bands on the touring circuit. 

Ep 26 || Ben Hubbird

December 20, 2017

Ben Hubbird has worked at CD Baby for 10 years working with the Digital Promotions & Label Relations team.  If you are an artist & want to learn more about digital streaming services like Spotify or Apple Music this episode is for you.  Ben also is a DJ at XRAY FM in Portland, Oregon.

Ep 25 || Cam Dmytryk

September 26, 2017

Cam Dmytryk is a multi-instrumentalist and plays in the band FACIAL.  FACIAL’S new album Facade will be released on September 27 on Chain Letter Collective.  Cam shares about growing up in Oregon, how FACIAL formed and talks about their upcoming tour.

Ep 24 || Joey Dornbos

August 15, 2017

Joey Dornbos is a musician from Grand Rapids, MI and founded the rock and roll band the Bangups. Joey shares his journey, gives some song writing tips he has learned along the way, and discusses his chase for fame and finding identity.

Ep 23 || Joe Gregory

July 25, 2017

Joe Gregory is a Seattle based musician and talks about how he endured nine years of industry runaround before he turned age 30. His new EP, Gold Teeth + Glass Eyes dives into the heartbreak and desperation of Joe’s past. Joe’s journey is redemptive and show’s his tenacity to make music after years of industry disappointments.

Ep 22 || Brent Knopf

July 10, 2017

Brent Knopf is a musician and has played in various projects from his start in Menomena to his solo project Ramona Falls, he has also co-founded EL VY with Matt Berninger from The National.   Brent shares his story, stories from the road & talks about his new Ramona Falls album COILS.

Ep 21 || Tracy Brown

June 27, 2017

Tracy Brown is Co-Owner & General Manager of CO5 Music that provides national radio promotion to artists who compete on a national level. Tracy has worked with both major and independent labels and manages artists including Boy Epic & Ray Little. If you are someone who wants to know more about the world of radio take a listen.

Ep 20 || Marc Scibilia

May 29, 2017

Marc Scibilia is an American singer-songwriter. He has had great success by having his music licensed on various television shows and commercials. In 2012 his song “How Bad We Need Each Other“ shot up to the #1 spot on the iTunes Singer-Songerwriter charts. Marc has toured with James Bay, Gavin James, Butch Walker, and Zac Brown Band amongst others. If you are an artist listen to this episode to hear some good words of wisdom!

Ep 19 || Nicholas Shelestak

May 2, 2017

Nicholas Shelestak is a musician who plays guitars, synths and samplers for Phantogram. Recorded live at Coachella, Nicholas talks about his musical journey, what life is like on the road, photography and gives artists some encouraging words on how to keep going.

Ep 18 || Dick Valentine

April 19, 2017

Dick Valentine is the lead vocalist and co-founder of the the Detroit based rock band Electric Six. Founded in 1996, Electric Six has 12 full-length albums and a new one coming out later this year. We discuss tour, Dick’s musical journey and lay to rest the Jack White, “Danger! (High Voltage)” rumor.

Ep 17 || Pete Davis

April 3, 2017

Pete Davis works at Bunim-Murray Productions as a music supervisor. Bunim-Murray produces shows like The Real World, Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Bad Girls Club and Born This Way. If you are interested in becoming a music supervisor or an artist wanting to know more about music licensing this episode is for you.

Ep 16 || Peter Verdell

March 16, 2017

After quitting his job in A&R at Drive-Thru Records, Peter Verdell formed his project Act As If. Since 2010 Act As If has released multiple albums and has been featured on ABC, MTV, Apple.com and LA’s very own KROQ-Locals Only. Peter shares his journey in the music industry.